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Meeting Time

Rapid City Young Life Club meets on the second and fourth Monday nights at 7:27p.m. at the Young Life Building (318 Mt. Rushmore Rd. Suite C2).

On the alternate weeks, Campaigners meet at various locations and times with their Young Life leaders. We currently have about 6 active Campaigner groups with approximately 60 kids attending.



The Basics

Young Life began in the Black Hills area 17 years ago by a group of caring adults in this community with the desire to help kids through the turbulent years of adolescence. We are a community wide, non-denominational youth program with a desire to help kids make positive choices about life issues like faith, friends, their future and family.
Young Life staff and leaders believe that adolescents are important and valuable.  They are making decisions that will influence the rest of their lives.  Staff and leaders are committed to building relationships with kids and modeling the attractive, unconditional love of Jesus Christ.


A variety of people eager to reach out to high school kids are serving in Young Life as leaders.  Leaders include high school students who are strong in their faith, college students, parents, business men & women, and retirees.  Some of the best Young Life teams are those with a mix of leaders, because every age group has something to offer high school kids.  All volunteers go through a detailed background check and are trained and supervised by a staff member. 
Young Life is different from other organizations in that we don't wait for kids to come to us. Our adult leaders go out to meet kids where they are; at school, sports events, the mall, coffee shop or anywhere it is that teens hang out. They take the time necessary to get to know each teen and earn the right to begin building a relationship and mentoring them through life's challenges.

Young Life Club

Young Life clubs are high energy, interactive, fast paced and unpredictable. We like to call them a party with a purpose. Leaders use personal testimonies, media clips, popular songs and a lot of creativity when planning the club format. Young Life meets twice a week in this fun and crazy environment which always includes a relevant message that helps open up the dialog with leaders and helps teens walk through difficult issues of life. The format may change but the message of Christ's love always remains the same.
Young Life Funding
Young Life is mainly funded by contributions from parents, churches, businesses and caring adults in our community. If you would like to find out more about how to get involved with Young Life funding and support, please contact Young Life at



Young Life Rapid City | 5816 Sheridan Lake Rd Ste 200 Rapid City, SD 57702

Phone: (605) 721-1238

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