Catie Hillard

Lloyd & Jenny Blackler


Jenny was from Colorado Springs before she met Lloyd and they moved to Boise and got married in 09.' The Blacklers love being outside on walks or inside watching movies (chick Flicks and Comedies especially) and working on their new (1958) home near Meadowbrook school. We are also "Modern Family" lovers...just sayin.

We started in with RC YoungLife in Fall 2011 and totally believe in the work God is doing in the youth of Rapid City as well as
our lives!

Amelia Rose

Amelia knows all about life in Rapid City. She grew up in this great place and now enjoys all the splendors it has to offer. Her list of “Best ways to spend a day” includes just about anything outside (hiking, mountain biking, camping, skiing…), reading, watching movies, and more girly things like shopping and getting coffee (one can never get enough coffee)!

Amelia spends her days teaching first grade. She loves all the hugs, but wonders if her students will ever stop picking their noses?? She is thankful most YL high school kids know how to tie their own shoes!

Melissa Merchen


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